Advanced Analytics:
Custom business intelligence reporting can help avoid risks and take advantage of opportunities in real time. Advanced analysis techniques can be made simple through data visualizations.

Self Service Reports and Analysis:
Give your staff, customers, and/or partners the tools they need to answer business questions. We create individual levels of access so that your users can see the information they need – and are restricted from information you do not want to share.

Custom Analysis:
There are times when your users may want to export system data for further analysis. We build exporting functions custom to your business requirements. Whether you want just a slice or all the system data; we can prepare custom exports such as Excel, CSV, XML, and other formats that allow you to do even more with your data.

Maintenance and support
When you are having issues with your software, you can’t afford long periods of down time. With our maintenance and support team, you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that we are just a phone call a way and always ready to help!

Our Maintenance and Support Plans
At Enigma software, we provide our clients with software maintenance and support services long after we build the initial application.  if you need technical assistance – we are here to help!

Software and Database Maintenance Activities Include;

  • Application Interface Updates
  • Database tuning and optimization
  • Database upgrades
  • Software Debugging
  • Software Compatibility Modifications (looking at you Internet Explorer)
  • Modifying, recovering, and archiving system data
  • Scheduled Application and Infrastructure Audits for peace of mind
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